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"No reason to run..."

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Name:Kolbie Tye Bronson
Birthdate:May 12
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

The moon is on my side
I have no reason to run
So will someone come and carry me home tonight

We Are Young, FUN.

Kolbie Tye Bronson is the second child born to Mark, a local area sports announcer in Chicago, and Sheri, a hair stylist. He came seven years after his big sister, Louise, but ultimately, Louise was never really a female when push came to shove. There was the same age difference between Louise and her childhood BBF, Jace Turner and his big brother, Evan, so they had a kinship between them in that they were both very close to their siblings and that never wavered growing up. However, to Kolbie, Louise was always more of a boy than he was and he just accepted that she liked the rough and tumble, get dirty, give everything a go that she could get her hands on, while Kolbie was a little more on the introverted side. He wasn't effeminate, per se, but he was a bit of a wimp because he didn't like scary things and being messy wasn't up his alley either. After Louise witnessed Jace being hit by a car when they were 11, and Kolbie just four, despite being young, he knew his sister had changed from the ordeal.

It took a few more years before Kolbie even truly understood what happened to Jace. He knew he had been hurt and he was in hospital for a really long time, and he knew that Louise would always come home and cry whenever she visited Jace at the hospital. Kolbie later learned that for a couple of years in the wake of Jace's accident, he didn't even remember who Louise was. He was in quite a critical state for close to a year, and then after that, it took time for his brain to begin to heal. Louise was lost without her bestie and whilst Kolbie stuck really close to her. Perhaps he was even one of the first to notice that she was more like a big brother to him than a big sister. One time, when Kolbie was around 8 and Louise 15, Kolbie was being picked on by kids at school because he was one of those kids that never really fit in and only had a couple of more closer friends (one being Justin Carlisle, who later changed his name to Justin Campbell), Louise punched a couple of them so hard they ended up in the ER. Kolbie thought his sister was awesome for it, and the kids never bothered him again.

In Kolbie's early years of high school, not long after Louise lost Jace to New York when he moved there with his big brother to give him the best chance in life he could have with the level of brain injury he had, Louise came to Kolbie and told him that she wanted to tell him someone she wasn't sure he would understand yet, but she hoped in time he would. It wasn't easy, of course, for her to explain that she had never really felt like a girl and she was sure she was a boy just accidentally born in a girl's body, so she was going to put things right. But Kolbie got it. In turn, he told her that he didn't like looking at girls' boobs like some of his other mates did and she just laughed fondly and hugged him, promising they would stick all this out together.

And they did. Kolbie came out to Louise and his family officially when he was 15 and was oblivious to the fact that Justin was attempting to do the same thing with his family. It was only within weeks that Justin's apparently being gay was spread all over Facebook and nasty rumours were started about him. He started to get bullied badly, called horrible names, and ended up getting beaten up by a bunch of jocks, leaving him bleeding and injured with a broken arm and a concussion. Understandably, it freaked Kolbie's parents out, but it also freaked Kolbie out, and he got scared of being 'different'. Justin was a different person when he returned to school. He fell in with the wrong crowd and started drinking and doing drugs, insisting he was straight. He and Kolbie's friendship just dissolved because Justin put up a wall and didn't want Kolbie close to him anymore. Kolbie never stopped worrying about him, and then one day, Justin just didn't come back to school. Kolbie later learned Justin had gone to New York to find his biological father, but never heard anything more of him.

It turned out that his own sexually wasn't what was going to ge thim bullied. Louise was almost fully transexual by this time, now known as Leo, and once an asshole at his school found out, he started to get teased, mocked and harassed for having a 'tranny' sister. If Kolbie tried to jump to Leo's defence and correct them that he wasn't her sister, it only led to more taunting and heartache. His grades began to drop and he started to beg his parents to let him go to the private school the town over, but they were resistant because they didn't understand why Kolbie wanted it, as he didn't tell his family of the bullying so Leo wouldn't be hurt by it.

But now, with Leo making the decision to move to New York for a fresh start to reconnect with Jace, Kolbie just did not want to stay in Chicago. In fact, he gave Leo the epic silent treatment in the couple of weeks leading up to his departure and refused to say goodbye to him. Once Leo left, Kolbie used his allowance he had been saving up to buy a train ticket to New York. Effectively, he 'ran away from home', but he did leave his parents an email so they wouldn't worry. By the time they woke up and received it, Kolbie was already two thirds the way to New York armed with Jace and Evan's address and ready to tell his big brother that there was no way in hell he was moving to New York without him.

Kolbie is an Original Character
for musebox / psl, dreamlikenewyork.

Kolbie is an original muse character with no fandom affiliation.
For RP and muse purposes only.
PB is Colin Ford, who belongs to himself.

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